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The Star

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The Star's high readership and traffic generated by the site, coupled with it's obvious entertainment appeal, is ideal for those looking to attract a younger, hipper, fun-seeking audience. We offer regular banner ads, tower ads, and column ads on the front page and section pages as well.

In addition, we offer a special package targeted at those in the entertainment industry, complete with front page ad, full page artist profile, sound clips of their music, and a shopping cart so visitors can purchase your work online!

Each month the receives just under
300,000 unique visitors
6.8 million page views
815,000 visits.

58% of its visitors come directly to the site

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Note: All ads are rotating.

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Ad Generation
As much as possible we encourage you to provide your ads. Should you require our expertise however our costs start at US$78 for basic designs.

* Rates are subject to sales tax.
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