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Power 106 FM

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The nations number one talk radio station Power 106FM has been streamed by Go-Jamaica since the October 2002 General Elections. Audience reaction has been tremendous to this dynamic service. Many of the programmes receive hundreds of emails and overseas calls to the shows each week. Power106FM listenership audience is now greater than any other local player in the marketplace.

Power106FM is being streamed via to all Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) branches worldwide, all Gleaner offices overseas, plus many Jamaican stores in malls and independent malls in Atlanta, Florida, New York, London and Toronto. Notwithstanding all Jamaican embassies and commissions.

Real Estate is able to offer its clients a fifteen (15) second voice advertisement. The audio advertisement will be played before visitors tuning into the radio programmes log on to their shows. The audio advertisement will be followed by the displaying of a banner advertisement (400 x 400 pixels) which will remain for 10 seconds before moving to the radio broadcast. A rotating banner ad (468 x 60 pixels) or column advertisement (120 x 60 pixels) will be show cased from this vehicle. The column and banner advertisements will remain on screen as long as the browser window is open.


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