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eFinancial Gleaner

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Company Profile

We will build a web page that will showcase your company in our Company Profile section on the Financial Gleaner’s online magazine.  On this page you can identify 12 key members of your organization and how best to contact them.

LeaderBoard - 728 x 90 Pixels
Home Page - US$123.00
Inside Pages - US$101.00

Columnar Ad

Your company will receive a 120 x 60 columnar ad that will be placed on the front page of the Financial Gleaner’s online magazine.  The columnar ad will link directly to your company’s website.

Weekly - US$88.00
Tower Ad
Weekly - US$101.00

Corporate Corner

There will be a section on the front page of the website coined ‘Corporate Corner’.  This section will allow your organization to place fresh information on the site such as press releases, coming event, new products – at any time.

Weekly - US$21.00

Tickers: Financial Gleaner (weekly)  – US$98.00 

Ad Generation
As much as possible we encourage you to provide your ads. Should you require our expertise however our costs start at US$78 for basic designs.

* Rates are subject to sales tax.
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